Theo: The Animated Theologian (2010)
Short Film


Whitestone Media


Who is Theo? Theo is a teacher of God’s Word––a theologian, if you will. Some might think that theologians are a stuffy lot — killjoys that care only for boring libraries full of dusty old books. Not so with Theo. Though he has the body and mind of an elderly Englishman, his energy and spirit are those of a youngster. He is alive, and he communicates Life to all who listen to him. Theo is funny. He is quick to point out that laughter is a medicine for the body, and should be taken daily in liberal doses. However, he is not a buffoon, at least in the “cartoon” sense of the word. His humor is carefully designed to lighten the heart, to help prepare it to receive important truths. In this, we see his wisdom. A wise man knows how to season truth with grace, when to spoon-feed it to a hungry heart, and when to wield it like a sword against hypocrisy and unbelief.